Valve Insertion / Tightening Tool

Valve Insertion/Tightening Tool

This is available in stainless steel or plastic. Maximum recommended tightening torque, 18 ft.lbs (25 Nm), 3 & 4 cam versions. Uses a standard ½” square drive.

Dip Tool

Dip Tube

The dip-tube is custom extruded exclusively for Texas Hybrid Components to ensure leak free connection between the valve and foot.

Dip Tool

Flexible Dip-Tube Foot

This is available in two alternative forms. The fluted foot and concertina bellows.

The THC products meet the requirements of the US Environment Protection Agency  Agricultural Worker Protection Standard 40 CFR Parts 156 & 170 and the  US Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, UN Model Regulations on the transport of Dangerous Goods.

Texas Hybrid Component products have been tested for compliance with the UN regulations for the transportation of hazardous product and are also compliant with 2011 Environmental Protection Agency  FIFRA Container and Containment rule.